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My services to the society are gratuitous, and so are the insults Mr. Gabb heaps on me; but of any further remarks from him I shall not take notice. When I arrived in Geelong in 1852 the city was destitute of such a society; however seeing there was material for forming one, I set to work and mustered 18 performing members; who every of us put down £1 for music. Mr. Lloyd, merchant, now in Geelong, I keep in mind, gave us plenty of music, and we started in March 1853. Notwithstanding the frequent showers of rain through the larger portion of yesterday the oratorio final night was very nicely attended.

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He had ordered the spoons and forks to be engraved. Sir, – Since writing on the above matter last 12 months sure facts have come to mild which a few of your readers might confirm 160 Eagle Creek Road, WEROMBI NSW 2570 Australia or in any other case. I have from Mr. Windebank, of Fitzroy, violin expert, who was a pal of the late John Brown, violin maker, of Swanston-street,

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They commenced at half-past eight at evening and completed at half-past five in the morning. The party who engaged Mr. Gard, the band would net put any faith in, that they had been often taken in. The band performed to the programme of the events. Mrs. Reeves had been asked for the £5 by Mr. Gard in witnesses presence. Mrs. Reeves stated she had acquired £4 for the band. Mr. Gard would have taken it, but Mrs. Reeves wished to have 9s for refreshments equipped to the band, which Mr. Gard refused.

FIRST-CLASS BAND ENGAGED FOR THE OCCASION. Dancing at Eight o’clock, – Supper at Twelve. The effect of the live performance was somewhat injured by the absence of Mr. Lee, from illness, but Mrs. Jupp kindly launched two extra songs, which partly provided the deficiency. In “Auld Robin Gray” she was significantly successful.

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with a secondary concentrate on members of their circles – households, pupils, colleagues, and other necessary contacts – first energetic after 1860. “We’re right here for the entire group. We also have the wonderful Dr Anita Collins coming to talk about how music super-charges the brain, and all the benefits for all ages to be engaged in music actions,” she mentioned. “They will find out about lyric writing and pop concord and basic music concept to have the flexibility to assemble songs,” she said. And, to crown all, the boards of the Dr. Johnson Saloon draw delighted audiences to hear to the comic and unique ebullitions of Thatcher,

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On the 50th Regiment’s second Australasian tour, Gassner and his household arrived in New Zealand with the regiment from Colombo in November 1863, through Melbourne. Gassner remained in NZ till March 1865 when he sailed again, through Sydney, for London, to find a way to take his wife and family again to England completely. He then returned alone to New Zealand in March 1866. QUEENSLAND POLKA (The), simply published, composed by Gaskarth. And illustrated in colours, 2s.

Further particulars in a future advertisement. Mr. Hogue remained at his home till witness left; he couldn’t have been out any size of time with out witness understanding it. Mr. Purefoy addressed the jury for Gaggin, regretting that he ought to should defend a younger man of such character and connexions from such a cost. The complete case depended solely on the proof of Campbell.

outstanding member of St. David’s Church, Burnside, and for the previous fifteen years had been a member of the choir, lacking only five providers in that point. Mr. L. C. E. Gee, of the Mines Department, is a brother. One of those very pleasing and successful entertainments was given in the Domain last night time by the sumptuous band of the 50th (Queen’s Own) Regiment,

Dancing was kept up until daybreak, and all appeared nicely happy with their amusement. The Operatic Company, with Miss Julia Harland at its head, appeared on Monday night final, on the Mount Franklyn Hotel, earlier than a respectable and delighted viewers. The party had been travelling all day, and were a lot fatigued;

Tyrone Power, son of the celebrated tragedian, to Mr. Gilfillan, artist, of this metropolis, concerning a portray of a scene in a New Zealand pah, asserting that it had arrived too late for this years’ exhibition of the Royal Academy. It had been permitted and accepted, however was shut out for need of room,

John Williamson, and Percy Leyden Williamson executors and trustees of his estate, the whole of which he devised and bequeathed to his widow, youngsters, and grandchildren. GEE – In Macclesfield, England, at his residence. 111 Great King avenue, Prof. G. J. Gee, formerly of thia metropolis, aged 39 years. The Polytechnic-hall will in all probability be well-attended on Wednesday evening subsequent, when Edith Palmerston (Mrs. W. Alexander), provides her first leisure in this colony.

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