6 Window Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Performance

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or have lived in the same home for decades, maintaining your property should always be your first concern. You want to make sure that your windows, doors, lights, and fixtures survive as long as possible because home improvement improvements may be expensive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive.

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Although they are simple to clean, windows can deteriorate from neglect. Maintaining your windows properly can not only help you avoid future expensive repairs, but it will also improve energy efficiency, sound insulation, and the comfort of your home.

Believe us when we tell that maintaining the functionality of your windows only requires a little amount of elbow grease! We’ve put together this thorough guide to window care and maintenance to assist inspire you.

Here are six easy-to-follow guidelines.

1. Frequently Examine Your Windows

Conducting examinations is the simplest and most crucial piece of advice. You may address any problem or install new windows before they start to negatively impact your house by doing routine, in-depth inspections for any indications of deterioration or damage.

Check for any holes or fractures in the wall where the window is situated.

Check for breaks in the rubber seals holding the window glass in place.

Check for evidence of condensation or moisture between the window panes.

As important as it is to perform routine DIY maintenance, it is also crucial to arrange for professional window inspections and maintenance. Specialists in windows can find hidden problems, evaluate the general state of your windows, and make any necessary corrections or repairs. For maximum window preservation, think about arranging a professional maintenance visit at least once a year.

2. Change Out the Old Weather Stripping

Another aspect of your windows that need routine maintenance is the weather stripping.

It is fastened to the rim of your windows and is frequently constructed of rubber, silicone, or really strong thermoplastics. It enhances the air seal between the window and the frame and keeps water out of your house.

You shouldn’t experience any temperature changes or drafts close to the window when it’s operating correctly. Every few months, give it a check-up to look for wear and tear.

3. Check for the Buildup of Moisture

Keep an eye out for condensation on your windows, as this typically indicates inadequate insulation and insufficient energy efficiency.

In Canada, the majority of windows are at least dual-paned, which means that air or gas is positioned between two panes of glass. This enhances the window’s ability to filter light, withstand impacts, and act as an insulator.

As part of your routine window cleaning, look for any accumulation of moisture. If detected early enough, you might be able to save time and money by fixing the window instead of having to replace it entirely. Make sure to regularly inspect those lower corners for the presence of mold!

4. Close Up Any Openings

Particularly in a newly constructed home, gaps between your window and the wall may be apparent. These let air into and out of your house, but they also cause temperature differences that your HVAC system has to work harder to correct, which increases your energy bills.

Regularly inspecting your windows for any new cracks and caulking them should be part of your window care and maintenance regimen.

5. Keep the window tracks clean and lubricated.

Maintaining the smooth operation of your window components by cleaning and lubricating the tracks is an important aspect of a healthy window care regimen.

You can use a general-purpose, non-detergent lubricating oil that is available at most home improvement stores. An alternative is to use a solution of water and soap or other eco-friendly mixtures.

Use a soft brush attachment to completely wipe the tracks, sills, and frames of any debris or dust before beginning any cleaning. It’s possible that dust accumulation is the root of your windows’ first sticking.

6. Do a twice-yearly glass cleaning

At least twice a year, you should clean the glass in your windows. The accumulation of dirt and debris on your windows causes damage over time, limits the amount of natural light that can enter your home, and makes cleaning them more difficult in the future.

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